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Additional Services

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Custom Bike Builds and Sales

DC Custom Velos

DC CUSTOM VELOS is an online bike shop based in Ireland with a completely new concept in how online bike shop should operate.

The bike shop specialises in bicycle builds, bike customisation, group sets, parts, bringing a breath of fresh air to bike shop sales & after care!

Because we operate as an online bike shop, we ship world wide,( not only just Ireland and the UK ) We supply customers with what ever they need, all over the world , from full bicycle builds to frame only and group-set orders.

We are one of the only small Bike shops in Ireland that operate with this level of specialised care and attention to detail with every bike that leave our bike shop. 

Our online Bike shop specialises in bicycles with a twist.We operate the same as a normal bike shop accept with the DC Custom flare and attention to detail with every bicycle we build …Making each one look original and one of a kind. 

We offer our clients the same choice of bicycles that any other online bike shop does, but because we are a very small, and a family run outfit, we allow our customers to pick the parts and build something that is unlike anything the general public can buy in the bike shop next door. 

We do simple components swaps all the way up to custom colour frames, new decals & vinyl stickers for both frame, forks and even wheel decals.

Our main goal is to produce a bike that just looks and sits "right!"
Theres something to be said when a bicycle just has the right look, lines, stance and colour combo that just screams "custom" and one of a kind.

Many complete bicycles that leave a factory are good…but not perfect.. We make the small changes to insure that the bike is specced how it should have been from the get go and make any little hacks that make a good bike, A great bike.